Saturday, December 8, 2012

Park Zone Radian Glider RTF

My uncle recently purchased the park zone Radian glider. It is a park zone plane and comes RTF. He brought it over the other day and let me try it out. I normally do not enjoy flying gliders but this one was actually fun to fly. It is made of foam and is easy to assemble before each flight. All you have to do is install the battery and wings. The Radian has an electric motor so you can take it up further instead of having to launch it each time. The motor is pretty powerful and takes it to a good height relatively quickly. The Radian has a rudder and an elevator so the battery last a long time. You can't do many tricks with it because it doesn't have ailerons but it is pretty fun without them. Park zone does make a Radian Pro that does have ailerons so if your into tricks that one would be the one to buy.

When he purchased it from a hobby store they sold everything you needed with it. It came with a lipo battery, charger, a spektrum radio and the plane. The charger is great because you can plug it right into your cars 12v plug and charge it from there. The new spektrum radio is great because it eliminates the need for crystals and is easy to bind it to the plane.

After flying this glider I may go and get one after the snow clears up here and the weather gets better. It is a fun plane and easy to transport. One things I would recommend doing is painting the bottom of the wings a different color than white like my uncle did. It made a huge difference by making it easier to see when it high up in the air.

This photo is from park zone's website

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

E-Flite Blade MCX2

A couple of weeks ago I finally purchase a new Blade MCX2. I have to say that this is a fun little helicopter. I have the red MCX2 that is a bind and fly heli.  It was pretty inexpensive and came with a lithium ion battery, charger, heli, and a spectrum DX5e radio. Its a spectrum radio so there is not any interference with other radios with makes it great if there are multiple people flying. All I had to do was take it out of the box, charge the battery and bind the radio to the helicopter. Then I was flying it around the room. I thought the Blade MCX2 was real easy to fly and is a great Heli to start off with. With its coaxial rotors it keeps it nice and level and easy to practice with when you first start to fly it. Once I was familiar with the controls it was landing it in different spots around the room and doing easy tricks with it. I was surprised with how nice it flew and how durable it is also. I hit it against many things and it still has original parts so far. Another great thing about this Heli is that you can replace any part on it. The parts are also cheap and look easy to replace. When I bought it the shop owner recommended that I should also purchase new top rotors, landing gear and an extra battery. Those are commonly broken parts and the extra battery can be charging while you fly so you can swap batteries and keep flying. I went online and found a deal on 5 batteries so I can have some charged just in case. The charger also runs off of AA batteries you never need an outlet to fly it. I think this is great because I do not have to keep track of a charger cable. The only thing that is has issues with is wind. Because it is small, the slightest wind throws it around so it is a strictly indoor heli. I love it and would recommend it to anyone that wants a fun indoor heli. It is also a great beginner heli to start with then move up to other electric helis.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Carburetor Needle Valve Relocating

Many of us that own gas RC engine know know how scary it is when reaching towards the prop to adjust the carburetor needle. I still fear that someday I might reach too far. I know of two people in my area that have put their hands too close to the prop and had serious injuries from it. It is always good to be very careful around props while engines are running. Always keep the plane secure while doing ground tests. A way to remove some of the danger of tuning the engine is to buy a relocating kit for the carburetor needle. They are fairly inexpensive and make it a lot easier and safer to adjust the carburetor. I have purchased these for a few of my planes and they work great. Some O.S. engine come with the needles behind the engines and these also work great. The kits replace the needle with a gas line nipple and mount the needle on the back of the engine. The needle will now be located in a safe and more accessible spot. For planes that the rear of the engine is not easy to get to there are other kits for mounting on the plane in safer places. When looking for these online search for remote needle kits. Many manufactures make relocating kits for their engines.

Sorry for not posting for a long time

Sorry I have been very busy lately and have not been able to post for a long time. I am just getting back in the sport and I hope I can return and contribute to my blog. I hope to have a few posts in within the month. Thanks

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Have you eve gone to your field to fly and not have the right parts? This could be very annoying at times and could sometimes ruin a good day to fly. It always helps to be organized. Your flight box is a very helpful tool for this. A good way to keep organized is to keep your box organized and clean. Some problems that are caused at the field usually lead to have a cluttered box. Another good habit is always put things back where they were when you are done. If there us no method to your box then one night sit down and decide what things are important for a day at the field. Get everything you need and put it in your box to so it all fits and is neat. Extra parts help as long as there is not too much extra. With a Neat box you can enjoy day at the field and not be frustrated because you forgot something.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dumas air boat kit

If you live in a location were the seasons keeps you inside from flying, you might want to try a different way to have fun. Dumas has a solution to still have the enjoyment of hearing a RC engine run in the winter. It will run on grass, water and snow. I have one and it is so much fun to race around the yard if I cannot get to the field. It takes a .40 to .60 size engine so it moves along at a very fast pace. It would be a great addition to your collection and will provide lots of fun. It comes as a kit but is very easy to assemble. It works just like a air boat with rudders behind the prop so there is no submerged rudder to worry about. It glides across the water and sometimes a challenge to control but it get easier as you practice. I would recommend to anyone that has patience and wants something to do during the winter.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Monokote Covering

There are many different companies that make covering for RC Planes. I use monokote on my planes and I have no problems with them. I have used others and I did not like the way it turned out. Monokote covers the plane really well and looks really good with all the different colors monokote has. The covering is really strong and can be stretched over any shape. the colors also blend real well with each other. I like monokote because it is a high temperature and I have a little better luck with higher temperature covering. They also make a lower temperature for foam wings or other foam accessories. Monokote can be found online and in local hobby stores.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

servos with stripped gears

Many of us that have been flying for quite some time have probably run into worn out servos if not you are lucky. Most servos have an arrangement of gears to make them work. when these gears break or wear out they slip and do not work or lose their strength. Decent servos get too expensive to replace all the time. A cheap alternative is to buy servo rebuild kits. These inexpensive kits are composed of a set of gears to replace the worn out one in the servos. It is a lot cheaper to buy these kits instead of buying new servos. You also will not have piles of dead servos. These kits can be found anywhere and sometimes brand specific so you might have to look up the kit for you servo type.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Storing your plane

When storing your nitro RC plane you want to keep it in a place that is dry, up off the ground and away from things that could damage it. It better to fix problems after flying and not when you get them out after winter or storage. If you are going to hang them it is always better to hang them horizontal so leftover gas or oil doesn't leak on the floor. If you clean your engine and drain the fuel before storing you don't have to worry about fluids. Another good idea is to use after run oil in the engine before you let it sit for long periods of time. This also helps when you are done flying for the day and the plane is going to sit until you can fly again. Hobbico makes great after run oil and I use it on all my engines and never have a problem. After I started putting the oil in my engines I have never had a seized engine. I also put it in the engines I laying around that are waiting for home in a plane. All you have to do is take the glow plug out of the engine and put a couple drops in the engine. Then turn the prop about 15 time then repeat it again. It also doesn't hurt to put some in the carburetor. Lots of hobby shops carry after run oil or another great place to get it is on

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Flight R/C Flight Simulator

Real Flight's simulator is one of the best simulators out there that also has a great price. The newest version is G4.5 and it is way better than the others. It has new features, models and field perfect for beginners. Simulators are great for beginners and people that want to practice their flying. It is perfect because when you crash it doesn't cost you anything to fix it. You simply press a button and it is flying again. It saves you money on glue. i have this simulator and it is awesome. There are also training videos on the simulator that show you how to do beginner maneuvers and one that the pros do. There are a variety of models in airplanes and helicopters. You dont have to spend alot of money to fly a helicopter because they will be right on your computer. this simulator is very close to flying real planes. There are lots of new features in the G4.5 for those who want to upgrade. I would strongly recomend upgrading from other Real Flight simulators because this one is awesome. In G4.5 the aircrafts react with there enviroment more than the others. If you hit a tree leaves fall and if the plane crashes you willl see balsa dust fly. The new real rendering adds amazing detail to the planes to make them look more realistic. There is also a multyplayer mode so you can fly with friends or other ppl at any time. It also has the same features from previous simulators like aircraft editor and many new miles of 3D terrain. I would highly recomend this product because it is a great for beginners and also for pilots that need ot practice some skill before trying it on the field. the simulator is also great during the winter because you dont need to plow the field or wait fot the wind to go away.